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Bob Weaver - Field Op

Most Memorable Hunt - My favorite hunt took place on the last day of my first rifle season. There was fifteen minutes left to my season and after a long walk of shame, I gave into the fact that I was not going to be successful this season. I decided to sit at the base of a tree and let the season end. About two minutes passed and a couple bucks started fighting off to the left of me but I couldn't see them. Just then a curious four point buck walked down to the right of me within twenty yards. The next five minutes felt like an hour. As I sat there shaking and unable to move, we stared each other down. "One more step", I said to myself. And it happened. He stepped forward, I shot, he ran and stopped, I shot again. The blood trail was over a mile long and I spent two days looking for that deer. Sadly, I never found him but I knew that night as I ordered my first muzzleloader so that I could extend my season that, I will forever be a hunter and will always love the chase.

Favorite Game To Eat - I enjoy cooking, sharing and eating Venison.  "If it's game, I'm game!"

Favorite Game To Chase - So far, The Whitetail Deer has been my favorite game to pursue. I love studying the biology, habits and hunting strategies. However, this season I hope to head out west in pursuit of Antelope and Mule deer. Two species that I have felt compelled to hunt. Who knows, an Elk tag might be in my future as well... (fingers tightly crossed)

Get Out There,

Bob W.

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