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Brit and Josh Corbin - Field Ops

Most Memorable Hunt -

Brit: This is a hard question because every single hunt I've been on holds a very special place in my heart. BUT if I had to pick, I'd say my 12 year old sons first elk hunt is one I will never forget. We were in an OTC unit and simply had hopes of filling the freezer. We weren't hunting one specific animal that we had scouted and kept an eye on, we were just "winging it".  To keep the story short and sweet we got our boy on a bull (we could tell he was a bull but couldn't tell how big he was) He took two amazing shots and once we were able to get to the animal we discovered he had harvested a big'ol 360 class bull! We got his hunt on film and had such an unforgettable day as a family working together to achieve such an amazing goal. 

Josh: To pick a hunt that's the most memorable is hard question to answer! I don’t have one. I think that is the point, and the best part of hunting to me. Every single time I head out it's a new adventure, with new memories, some stronger than others but none I would ever forget! I am always pushing to beat or accomplish a new challenge I've made for myself. Whether it's harvesting a certain animal, getting into country I've never been in before or doing anything with my family in God’s country they all turn out to be my most memorable.

 Favorite Game To Eat -

Brit: Elk by far is my favorite! I grew up with a mom that would NOT eat wild game, she hated the taste (I think it was all in her head). So when I got married I was
very hesitant to try it. Once I gave in I was hooked.  I also like deer, but nothing has topped elk in my books. I like to experiment with recipes and try new things with our elk and
deer meat.

Josh: I love most game meat if prepared and cooked right but my two favorites are Elk & Deer. As of right now, I will hopefully be able to keep challenging those two for which will be my favorite meat! 

 Favorite Game To Chase -  

Brit: Mule Deer

Josh: Mule Deer has my heart, but I love chasing everything! I'm not picky if it involves my bow or gun I am ready to go give the hunt 100% 

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