Brittany Jill - Field Op - Sportsman's Box

Brittany Jill - Field Op

Most Memorable Hunt: My most memorable hunt would have to be my Florida Alligator Hunt.  I have always wanted alligator boots, but it was on my bucket list to have alligator boots, with a gator that I had shot.  Not only did I get to harvest an alligator, I got to do it with my bow! 


Favorite Game to Eat and How to Prepare It: My favorite game to eat is venison.  I love it ground up, as steaks, sticks, or sausage!  My favorite would have to be venison tacos, you never realize how often you make and enjoy eating venison tacos, until you run out of venison. 


Favorite Game to Chase: My favorite game to chase are whitetail deer, with my bow.  I love the challenge of needing to be close enough for a shot, having to play the wind, making sure you are scentless, and practicing shooting my bow all year long.  It's so rewarding harvesting a buck with with your bow!