Colton Bailey - Field Op - Sportsman's Box

Colton Bailey - Field Op

Most Memorable Hunt - My most memorable hunt would be one of my first ever whitetail hunts with my father. It was the shotgun opener in Illinois, and we called a 10 pointer off of a doe and into range. I hit the buck but we never recovered the deer. Although we didn't find the deer, it got me hooked on the sport I love today and I will vividly remember the morning the rest of my life. It encompassed everything that I love about deer hunting. Cool crisp November mornings, rutting bucks, and sharing the outdoors with family.  

 Favorite Game to Eat - While I love venison backstrap, my favorite wild game meal is probably dove breast with a cream cheese stuffed bell pepper all wrapped in bacon. And then grilled to perfection.

 Favorite Game to Chase - Whitetail and whatever else is in season!