Craig Meyer - Field Op - Sportsman's Box

Craig Meyer - Field Op

Most Memorable Hunt - Colorado- Public Land Hunt for Bull Elk with the Bow. On the 10th day of the hunt after having hiked around 7-12 miles a day at high elevation each day, I finally got on my first elk of the entire trip. To my luck and surprise it was a 300 inch 6 by 6 with a single cow. I made a 97 yard heart shot on him and heard him crash within 70 yards. It was the happiest moment in my hunting career to date. I am even more thankful to say it was captured on film because no one would probably believe it happened that way. 

Favorite Game Meat - Venison.

Prepped: Venison back strap, stuffed with cream cheese and jalapeno’s, wrapped in bacon and grilled. 

Favorite Game To Chase - Whitetail with Elk as a close second… only because I don’t get to chase elk as much.

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