John Harman - Field Op - Sportsman's Box

John Harman - Field Op

Most Memorable Hunt - I had the opportunity to hunt for a long period of consecutive days several years ago. There was an old wily buck on the property I hunt, and there hadn’t been a trailcam pic of him in daylight in over two years, and he didn’t ever seem to fall into any pattern. After weeks of scouting, hours of time in the field, passing up shots at countless other very nice bucks, I was finally able to harvest that old, heavy-horned, whitetail. Not once did I bust him or spook him out of the area. That’s a good feeling; to get the “ghost” that you were chasing. I learned more about deer and deer patterns over those two months than I have learned in over 25 years. It doesn’t get any more memorable than that.

Favorite Game To Eat - Native brook trout - skin on, with just some salt and pepper. Cooked over a campfire with your friends, when you’re really, really hungry.

Favorite Game To Chase- Uhhh, what’s in season? It’s really difficult to pick just one. But, if I must, I choose whitetail with a bow and arrow. A big ole, wily buck that knows just how to stay out of sight and out of range can be the most frustrating thing you could ever imagine. It can also be the most rewarding. That’s why we do it. Oh, and they taste great too!

Get Out There!

John H.

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