Stephen Elliot - Field Op - Sportsman's Box

Stephen Elliot - Field Op

Most Memorable Hunt - My most memorable hunt would have to be the Flextone World Turkey Hunting Championship in 2016.
For three days our team competed against the top 46 teams in the country, mostly consisting of well known TV Personalities and straight up turkey hunting legends like the Turkey Man himself Eddie Salter. After the first two days with three big toms on the ground, we were on the leader board in 5th place. As the final day was upon us, we just couldn't connect with a very wise old stud of a bird we had appropriately nicknamed "Bada**" after our first encounter with him during scouting day.  We watched as our rank fell down the leader board in the final hours, but we were able to secure 10th place! The hunts were heart pounding, close quartered and everything you love about a good spring gobbler hunt. The people, atmosphere, FOOD, and stories that were told around camp made for the most memorable hunt of my career. It was everything I love about hunting. Adventure, challenge, anticipation, comradery, sportsmanship. It just don't get no better than that!

Favorite Game To Eat - My favorite game to eat hands down is pan fish. From as early as I can remember, my great grandmother lived in a little cottage on Chautauqua Lake in upstate New York. I think we all have that family member we all naturally click with, and that was us. She was my favorite person in the world. Back to the fish- my job when we went to visit was to catch as many perch and sunfish I could before I ran out of worms. Which I picked out of the earth myself that morning. She would clean them, and fry them up for breakfast, along with her homemade pancakes. I know it sounds gross, and you're not the first person that has had that reaction. But trust me, Fish and Pancakes absolutely drenched in maple syrup for breakfast. Maybe I like it so much because it reminds me of those memories. When I fix it for breakfast now, I swear I can still smell that lake in the morning air. 

 Favorite Game To Chase - Turkeys Turkeys Turkeys. Growing up my Grandfather was the fall turkey legend in my eyes. This naturally got me turned on to running Pennsylvania Easterns. Waiting for that fresh tracking snow in the fall, finding a flock, bustin em up and calling them back together was the most fun I think I'd ever had. That was until I shot my first spring gobbler. I have become a man obsessed, its probably pretty unhealthy to be honest. There's just something about scouting, and picking the bird you want to go after. They are all different in their own ways, they all have their quirks. There have been birds that have literally kept me up all night. I know you turkey hunters are laughing because you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.....I hope. Figuring that Tom out, and finally outsmarting him just long enough to get a shot off is the most exciting, and emotional thing to me. Like I said.....obsessed. 

Get Out There,

Stephen E.

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