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Most memorable Hunt - My first archery whitetail hunt! That’s when I got hooked on hunting and discovered my passion for the outdoors. 

In the summer, I love to fish for freshwater, wild-caught salmon and trout and grill it with brown sugar and soy sauce or coconut oil topped with mango salsa.

In the fall, I love to hunt pheasant to make pheasant wild rice soup! 

My favorite game to chase - Whitetail archery! My dream hunts is to pursue big horn wild sheep!  

Most Memorable Hunt - Colorado- Public Land Hunt for Bull Elk with the Bow. On the 10th day of the hunt after having hiked around 7-12 miles a day at high elevation each day, I finally got on my first elk of the entire trip. To my luck and surprise it was a 300 inch 6 by 6 with a single cow. I made a 97 yard heart shot on him and heard him crash within 70 yards. It was the happiest moment in my hunting career to date. I am even more thankful to say it was captured on film because no one would probably believe it happened that way. 

Favorite Game Meat - Venison.

Prepped: Venison back strap, stuffed with cream cheese and jalapeno’s, wrapped in bacon and grilled. 

Favorite Game To Chase - Whitetail with Elk as a close second… only because I don’t get to chase elk as much.

Most memorable hunt: It was my second time to ever bowhunt Kansas. The team and I went up there for a 14 day hunt. And on day 12 I shot my best bow buck! It was an awesome trip and great memories with the team and family! #AntlerDown 


Favorite game to eat: Venison! I love to cook it the old fashioned way! The deer camp way! Just fry it!! Crispy goodness there! 


Favorite game to chase: Bowhunting Whitetails, Hands Down! Followed close by turkeys! #AntlerDown 


Most Memorable HuntIt's difficult to pick just one hunt that is the most memorable, because I make new memories each and every hunt. If I had to pick one I would probably pick my first deer I shot with a bow. It was my first season to bow hunt and opening weekend at that. I had a nice mature doe come in at 20 yards and I made a perfect vitals shot. She ran and dropped 40 yards from me. It's a hunt I will never forget and one that I can always look back on to help boost my confidence, and remind me why I love to bow hunt. 


 Favorite Game to Eat - My favorite game to eat is whitetail! I cook with venison mostly and it will always be my favorite! 

Favorite Game to ChaseMy favorite game to chase would probably be waterfowl. Duck hunting has become such a huge part of my passion and life, and it's just about the most addicting game to hunt! 







Most Memorable Hunt - A group of girls and myself traveled to Kansas for a goose hunt with Big Kansas Outdoors, and we had the most incredible time. The hunt was beyond successful, but to me, the camaraderie in the field is something I will always cherish.

Favorite Game to eat and How to prepare it - Medium Rare Sous Vide Duck Breast:

Step 1
Pre-sear the duck breasts (skin-side down) in a white-hot pan for 1-2 minutes.

Step 2
Seal in a bag with the olive oil and thyme, and cook at 135 °F (57 °C) for 2 hours.
Finishing Steps

Step 3
Sear the duck again (skin-side down) for 1-2 minutes in a white-hot pan. Rest for a minute then slice.

Serve alongside Honey Balsamic Roasted Brussel Sprouts. 

Favorite Game to Chase - Waterfowl - For those who are lucky enough to experience a sunrise in flooded timber, well, let's just say they're lucky enough. It's addicting. There's absolutely nothing, in my opinion, that compares to the smell of gunpowder and watching feathers fall while standing in flooded timber. 


Most Memorable Hunt - When I was 15 years old my brother and I went out to make a "spoof" video of the hunting show. Ended up taking the biggest deer to date from our farm. (Video Coming Soon)

Favorite Game to eat and How to prepare it - Venison with cream cheese spread on a back strap, wrapped in bacon and grilled.

Favorite Game to Chase - Waterfowl - specifically Greenheads in Timber.