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Social Media Tips for Growth


Social Media is one of the most powerful tools for a business, outfitter, or personal page’s growth. It can be a game changer if utilized effectively. With a few simple steps in posting to social media, a business or personal blog page can flourish and attract the desired target audience.

The Basics

Always Use Good Grammar – This may seem like an obvious point; however, companies oftentimes utilize bad grammar in their posts. This can make the company seem untrustworthy. Using good grammar is a sign of professionalism, and being able to communicate with your audience is key. The same goes for personal blogs; it’s important that your posts convey professionalism.

Be Consistent in Posting – For Instagram, if you’re growing your business or personal page, it is recommended to post twice a day at peak times for optimum exposure. On Facebook, anywhere from two to three times daily at ideal times is recommended.

Ideal Times: If your Instagram account is set to a business page, it will actually provide helpful insights for you—including times to post. However, there is a trend in posting to Instagram. Think of the times that people are most active on their phones—when they wake up, lunch break, and around 7-8 p.m. Many individuals claim the best times to post to Facebook are from 12 p.m. – 3 p.m. Monday through Friday and during the lunch hour on Saturday and Sunday. The next tip is certainly connected to consistency—quality.

Post Quality Content – High quality photos on social media certainly reveal a sense of professionalism. Is it necessary to go purchase a Canon or Nikon to get high quality images? Not necessarily. A camera costs a great deal of money, and it also requires a creative eye behind the lens. Smart phones are capable of taking quality imagery; however, if you’re wanting to take your outfitter or personal blog to the next level, consider inviting a professional photographer on an expense free fishing trip or hunting trip in exchange for pictures. Networking is key in social media.

Networking—Build your Brand and Business Faster

The most frequently asked question I get is “How can I grow my following?” Sadly, there is no shortcut in any industry. Yes, you can buy followers. Yes, you can buy a page. However, those brands are easy to spot that have taken the easy route to success. Their following is inactive. The best way to get your brand or business to grow faster is to collaborate with the right people—social media influencers. Choose people in the outdoors’ industry that have a large following and audience you hope to tap into. If those individuals are truly professional, he or she can provide you with a media kit that reveals his or her impressions. Likely, this individual will trade marketing and exposure for a hunt or fishing trip. Most individuals in the hunting industry are eager to help you, and will happily share tips or assist in the growth of your page.

Sponsorships—Partner with the Right Companies

Partnering with a brand is another way to increase your following and also, increase brand integrity, too. When a potential customer sees that the outfitter or personal page is partnered with a respectable brand, he or she is going to be more inclined to trust your business or the opportunity to work with you. Also, incorporate those brands when out in the field for pictures; most likely, that large company will repost your picture and give your page exposure. 

Quick Growth Tips:

  • Utilize Instagram’s story feature by staying relevant and at the top of your followers’ page
  • Partner with another page for a fun giveaway—be sure to not go overboard with giveaways. Too many giveaways can jeopardize brand integrity.
  • Go live, occasionally! Your followers will receive a notification when you’re live. Does it have to be perfect or scripted, absolutely not. People don’t expect that from the live feed. For an outfitter, this works perfectly. A quick minute or two of a crew fishing will make your audience wish they were not behind their desk and actually out there with you—which could lead to potential bookings.
  • Be active! Comment on someone else’s wall. Also, to not lose followers, make sure you answer direct messages promptly—especially when it deals with a question regarding pricing, business hours, or product questions utilized in posts.

By utilizing these tactics listed above, the outfitter, guide service, or personal blog will see growth in both following and brand integrity. Remember that trial and error is key; what works for some pages does not work well for others. First and foremost, always be professional.


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