It’s been a couple weeks since I became a member, and I still haven’t received my box. What gives? 

Shipments begin on the 20th of the month, if you are an existing member  your box will leave the warehouse between the 20th and 25th of the respective month.

New members, your first box ships within a few business days. Then you are caught up on the correct shipment schedule according to how often you choose to receive the box.

  • US orders please allow 3 to 5 business days for arrival
  • Canada orders please allow 8 to 12 business days for arrival

*Business days do not include weekend days or Holidays

When do auto renewals, renew each month?

  • All members renew on the 1st of the month, respective to their monthly plan.


If I or the gift recipient were to move, can I change the shipping address?

Of course, just let us know before the 5th of the month at servingyou@sportsmansbox.com.

I became a Sportsman's Box member! Will they ship to a PO box or do I need a physical house address?

The boxes we ship are somewhat large, so they may not fit in your PO box. However, most post offices should have a program that notifies you when you have a package that could not fit into your box. We cannot speak for your specific location with certainty. Typically, a home address is always a safer bet.

What will I get with my membership?

You will receive boxes of gear on the frequency you choose, a Gear Guide to help design your experience and entries into giveaway's, special discounts, hunts and more!


I canceled my membership, why am I still receiving the Sportsman's Box?

There may be a couple of reasons you are still receiving boxes.

  • If you chose a 3, 6 or 12 month plan then your plan has not ended yet. You will not be charged again after your plan is completed.
  • You cancelled after the renewing of your account.
How does a gift subscription work versus a regular subscription?

A regular subscription has an auto renewal date. (You may cancel anytime) When you give as a gift and select the "gift product" it does not automatically renew. 

Is there a deadline to order to make sure I get my box this month?

Yes, to be guaranteed a box for that month, just be sure to have you order in before the end of the month.