Frequently Asked Questions

Most recently Frequently Asked Questions as of 12/11/2020

- Holiday Shipping Delays - 

Just wanted to take a moment to ask you to consider or understand that shipping carriers have been overwhelmed this year with eComm orders, which has caused more delays than expected. When your shipping label prints, your box leaves the warehouse within 48 business hours, but with delays right now it is taking carriers longer to "scan in" your order. We hope you know, our full desire is to get your order to you as soon as possible and we are trying to be patient with the shipping carriers as well. Thank you for your consideration. 

- Customer Service Response Delays - 

While we are not experiencing delays getting your shipments out the door this month. We are experiencing slight delays getting back to every email, which we sincerely apologize for. We have received an overwhelming response to our memberships this year and working very hard to get back to your email with the attention it deserves. Our goal is to make sure you are responded to with in 24 business hours. 

Please consider - To help us serve the next member a little bit faster during this time, the answers below helped answer your question, we kindly ask you to consider, letting us know by responding back to the "auto-away email" with "The FAQ answered my questions and I no longer need assistance" that would be a tremendous help.

1. I cannot log into my account, help?

a. While starting a membership, product and receiving emails gets you started with us, it does not "Create Your Account" (during the checkout process, asking you to create a Password to secure your account did not happen) This happens after checkout. If you haven’t created your account yet, simply do so and then login to see for yourself the orders, tracking number and ability to upgrade or pause your membership if needed.

b. If you are positive you have created an account here (or since we updated websites on 10/27/2020) click forgot password.

The most common is answer A.

2. Can I order a one time box?

No problem, check out the Gifts Section here -

3. How can I change my preferences? 

Make use you have completed question number 1. (above) Login > Manage Subscriptions > Update Preferences (Green Button).

4. When does this month's box ship?

Typically, between the 20th and 25th of the respective month. Our team is working very hard to get your box out earlier this month.

5. How do I upgrade my box? 

Please contact use at and we will ensure it gets taken care of for you.

6. I need to change my shipping address.

If you are trying to change the shipping address on an order that has already processed - please contact Changing the shipping address in your account on a membership/subscription only updates future shipments, and does not update an already processed order.

7. How long does the first box take to ship or when will I receive my first box?

Your box will leave the warehouse right away (within 48 business hours). NOTE - Shipping carriers are extremely backed up and working through getting shipments to everyone ASAP. 


How do I contact Sportsman’s Box Customer Service?

You can contact us at

Is there a difference between the Monthly and Yearly Memberships?

Yes there is! The Monthly Memberships are month to month without a commitment and allow you to cancel anytime simply by reaching out to Customer Service.

The Yearly Memberships are a committed membership of 12 boxes in total and have the ability to cancel early with an early cancellation fee equal to the price of one (1) regular prices box related to your Membership Box type.

It’s been a couple weeks since I became a member, and I still haven’t received my box. What gives? 

Shipments begin on the 20th of the month, if you are an existing member  your box will leave the warehouse between the 20th and 28th of the respective month.

COVID-19: We ship our boxes using 2-5 day delivery times, however due to circumstances outside of our control in this uncertain times your box may be delayed a few additional days.

NEW Members: Your first box ships within a few business days. Then you are caught up on the correct shipment schedule according to how often you choose to receive the box.

  • US orders please allow 3 to 5 business days for arrival
  • Canada orders please allow 8 to 12 business days for arrival

*Business days do not include weekend days or Holidays

When do auto renewals, renew each month?

  • All members renew on the 1st of the month, respective to their monthly plan.

If I or the gift recipient were to move, can I change the shipping address?

Of course, just let us know before the 10th of the month at

I became a Sportsman's Box member! Will they ship to a PO box or do I need a physical house address?

The boxes we ship are somewhat large, so they may not fit in your PO box. However, most post offices should have a program that notifies you when you have a package that could not fit into your box. We cannot speak for your specific location with certainty. Typically, a home address is always a safer bet.

What will I get with my membership?

You will receive boxes of gear on the frequency you choose, a Gear Guide to help design your experience and entries into giveaway's, special discounts, hunts and more!

My card was charged on the 1st of the month, why does my order say it’s unfulfilled when I log into my account?

All memberships renew, or are charged, on the 1st of the month and they ship between the 20th-28th of the month. Your order will show unfulfilled until the warehouse begins to process it for shipping.

How do I cancel my Membership?

We would hate to lose you from the Sportsman’s Box family, but all you have to do is contact us and we can cancel your account.

*Note: Committed Membership members agreed to a 12 Box commitment or will be charged an early cancellation fee equal to one (1) full priced box.

When does my Membership Expire?

We would hate to lose you from Sportsman’s Box, but if you need to cancel please contact us.  Your membership does not expire unless you choose to retire your membership. We also allow the option to skip a month or 2 instead of canceling! (Contact Customer Service for more info on this)  Please note that Yearly Membership members have agreed to a 12 box commitment or there will be a charge of one (1) full price box as an early cancellation fee.

 I canceled my membership, why am I still receiving the Sportsman's Box?

There may be a couple of reasons you are still receiving boxes.

  • If you chose a 3, 6 or 12 month plan then your plan has not ended yet. You will not be charged again after your plan is completed.
  • You cancelled after the renewing of your account.

How does a gift subscription work versus a regular subscription?

A regular subscription has an auto renewal date. (You may cancel anytime) When you give as a gift and select the "gift product" it does not automatically renew. 

Is there a deadline to order to make sure I get my box this month?

Yes, to be guaranteed a box for that month, just be sure to have you order in before the end of the month.

Do I get to choose what items go into my Sportsman’s Box?

Sportsman’s Box is a surprise membership box delivered to your door once a month or once a quarter.