March 2019 Archery - Sportsman's Box

March 2019 Archery

Welcome to your new, more customized Sportsman's Box! Where we are putting more emphasis on making sure you receive gear specifically for your interest.
With this, you will discover less knick knacks and better quality gear.
This month as a Turkey Hunter you received a $58+ value!
If you are not a turkey hunter and received this box, it is because we do not have your profile, fill it out here -
Included in your March 2019 box:
Shocker Turkey Gloves by Allen - $18
To be Shocker-worthy, a product must possess the exact elements to make turkey hunting easier, and make you a better hunter. Each item in the Shocker product line is designed, from inception, with purpose-driven storage compartments, specific features and item orientations with turkey hunting-solely in mind. Each one of these (5) individual items are a critical turkey hunting accessory providing a strong modular foundation to the overall “SHOCKER” Turkey Hunting Collection.
Portable Lantern by Off Grid Tools $20
The OGT Portable Lantern is perfect for camping, hunting or just having around the house.
Bright COB LED Technology
Up To 40X Brighter than ordinary Lanterns
Magnetic Base
Retractable Hanging Hook
Adjustable Light Level
Bonus Twist-Off Top Storage Compartment
Tactical Flashlight by Off Grid Tools $20
The OGT Tactical Flashlight is not your ordinary flashlight.
5 LIGHT MODES: High, Medium, Low, Strobe & SOS
Up To 40% Brighter than ordinary flashlights
300 Lumens
ZOOM Optic Lens
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