Sportsman's Box Membership Terms

At Sportsman's Box, we offer a variety of Sportsman's Box Memberships (each, a “Membership”). Please review these Sportsman's Box Membership Terms carefully and make sure you understand them before enrolling because they contain important and relevant information regarding any Membership you may purchase, including renewal and cancellation terms. Memberships are continuous and automatically renew unless you cancel or we terminate your account.

By purchasing a Monthly or Quarterly Membership, you agree and acknowledge that your membership has an initial and recurring payment charge at the then-current subscription rate and you accept responsibility for all recurring charges prior to cancellation, as well as our Terms and Conditions.


  1. All Memberships are either Monthly or Quarterly Memberships. A “Monthly” Membership consists of an initial Welcome Box (each, a “Box”) and a payment that is charged monthly, or depending on the payment plan chosen. A “Quarterly” Membership consists of an initial Welcome Box (each, a “Box”) and a payment that is charged Quarterly, or depending on the payment plan chosen.
  2. Frequency of Box Delivery. Monthly or Quarterly.  Your initial Welcome Box to your membership will ship within a 1 to 2 business days of sign upThe Subsequent boxes will ship between the 20th and 28th of the respective month according to your box frequency choice.
  • Monthly - Shipped Every Month
  • Quarterly - Shipped in March, June, Sept, Dec

If you sign up for a Membership, you will be immediately billed (as a non-refundable minimum purchase) and your first Box or a Welcome Box, will be the first box you receive. The Welcome Box is offered in between seasons or active member shipments and may contain past seasons’ products and other products. The specific box you receive as a first-time subscriber and member is subject to availability. Thereafter, your credit card will be charged up to a month in advance of the subsequent box shipment date, and every season thereafter.

Memberships automatically renew each month(i.e., calendar quarter) and, unless you timely cancel, you will be charged as described above.

  1. Cancellation Policy. Customers may cancel at any time, subject to the time frames below.

In order to cancel your Membership, you must do one of the following: (a) email us at, indicate that you wish to cancel and help us improve by letting us know why you are cancelling; (b) Head over to Contact Us HERE and request cancellation.

Month-to-Month Memberships - This is a monthly membership with zero commitments. This membership may be cancelled at any time as long as a cancellation request is made no later than the last working day prior to the 1st of the Month. 

Cancellation fee's:

Yearly Plans Shipped Monthly - Yearly memberships are committed memberships for a full term of 12 boxes. If you wish to cancel your membership, you agree to pay the price of one (1) membership box at full price. Cancellation can take effect immediately with successful terminating payment so that it does not renew again.

ALL Cancellations must be effective prior to the billing date of the Membership renewal.

  1. Select Memberships. Each Box contains a random assortment of Product gear, calls, sprays or the like. 
  1. Add-Ons. Every season we may offer additional, discounted products that Members may add to that season’s Box (“Add-Ons”). Add-Ons for Members are billed at time of purchase and Added to next shipment. Add-Ons are not considered a monthly box and do not count towards meeting the commitment term of 12 boxes.
  1. Shipping and Taxes. Stated prices for Membership and merchandise do not include any customs duties, sales, use, value-added, excise, federal, state, local or other taxes. You are solely responsible for the payment of such taxes related to your purchase. We may charge you for any taxes that we believe we are required to pay or collect related to your purchase.
  1. Data Transfers. As stated in our Privacy Policy, we may transfer your billing information to our third-party payment processors, other service providers, and certain trusted third parties.
  1. Address Changes. Due to the streamlining of our Members Boxes, all address changes must be changed by yourself no later than the 10th of the month to ensure Sportsman’s Box will be responsible to shipping to the correct address. If you need assistance in changing your address to your Membership, all correspondence with must be sent prior to the 10th of the month.  

9. Automatic Renewal Terms. Your Membership; whether Monthly, Quarterly, or Prepay will be automatically renewed for the previously agreed to successive periods and your payment method will be automatically charged for each successive period at the then-current subscription rate until you cancel your Membership Renewal.

10. International Fees - Foreign exchange or transaction fees may apply for non US customers. These fees are not refundable by Sportsman's Box.