1-piece Canada Goose Floater+ Timber Tote

1-piece Canada Goose Floater+ Timber Tote

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The Pro Series 1-piece Canada Goose Floaters feature built-in heads, so you will never have to worry about losing a decoy head again. Featuring flocked heads, two lifelike body postures and realistic paint schemes; shooting Canadian geese over water has never been so easy. 4 Pack includes 2 Relaxed Uprights and 2 Swimming Uprights Weighted Keel Relaxed Upright 21.75” Swimming Upright 23.9”

The "Timber Tote" is a very durable leather duck tote with a wide shoulder strap contoured to fit comfortably on your shoulder during your wade out of your timber hunt. This leather duck strap has two detachable hangers with six loops each. It also comes with a 1" wide looped handle for easy carry or hanging on your tree step. Equiped with a 1" solid brass snap for extra options in hanging. As with all of our products we used solid brass, stainless steel, and solid copper hardward for a lifetime of service under harsh conditions. This is one of the best leather game carriers available today.