Aquamira Pressurized Hydration Reservoir

Aquamira Pressurized Hydration Reservoir

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The Aquamira Reservoir is pressurized so you can spray to filter, drink, cool, clean, and share. Reversible, dishwasher safe and backed by a lifetime leak-free warranty. The Frontier MAX housing is now free with every Reservoir purchase. Just pick your filter cartridge. No matter where you are heading, there is a filter for every adventure.

  • On-demand water pressure: The handheld pressure bulb keeps water to drink, cool, clean and share always at the ready with Aquamira’s 2L capacity Pressurized Reservoir
  • Quick, easy refill: A slide top and wide open mouth allow for fast refill from any faucet, stream, river, lake or pond
  • Filter ready: Install an Aquamira Frontier Max filter via the inline quick connects to have a complete hydration and filtration system, anywhere you go
  • Reversible and dishwasher safe: Our BPA- and phthalate-free water bladder can be easily flipped inside out for cleaning
  • Lifetime warranty: All of our Aquamira Reservoirs are covered by a lifetime warranty against leaks so you can be confident keeping this in your pack