Bison Cooler - GEN2 - Sportsman's Box

Bison Cooler - GEN2


You don’t want a fragile toolbox, a wimpy pickup truck, or delicate work boots, so why would you settle for an everyday cooler that can’t handle your lifestyle? Whether you’re looking for a hunting cooler, a fishing cooler, a camping cooler, a tailgating cooler, or a boating cooler, you need a rotomolded ice chest that keeps things cold (Duh!) and that tolerates a little bit of banging around (on the ATV, in the boat, in the back of the truck, at the campsite, and -- let’s be honest -- in your garage).

Here’s what you can expect from a Bison Gen 2 cooler:

Made in the USA to support fellow Americans.
Constructed as one piece, Bison rotomolded coolers won’t fall to pieces.
Drinks stays cold and food stays fresh inside two-inch thick insulated cooler walls.
Silicone, shark-fin gasket seals cold air inside the ice chest.
Oversized drain plug makes for easier cooler cleaning.
Rope handles provide a more comfortable grip.
Durable latches keep the lid shut tight and nosy critters out.
Skid-preventing rubber feet means your Bison stays where you put it.
Lockable lid prevents strangers from helping themselves to your beer.
Customizable lid shows off your personality.
Easy to strap down for bumpy roads on the back of an ATV.
Your long-lasting cooler investment is backed by a 5-year warranty.

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