Flight Floater Decoys + Goose Feeder+ Little Buddy

Flight Floater Decoys + Goose Feeder+ Little Buddy

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The Cackling Goose can be as small as a quarter the size of the Giant. Richardson's, Aleutians and Cacklers can range anywhere in between. For our Lesser, we chose our sizing based on an average of the lesser species. Why? Because it would be almost impossible to have a different set for every species you targeted. But we know whatever species it is you target, at some point you are going to find them on open water.

So, we added a new floater to the line, not just for a guy to chase Little Geese, but for the guy who chases any species on water! These decoys are smaller and lighter, but with one piece strength. Every goose hunter is looking for bigger water spreads that take up less space in the truck and trailer.

Canada Goose Feeder (Butt)

  • Size 19"
  • Created by master carver, Don Mintz
  • Realistic paint scheme and feather detail
  • Packaged Per 2

 The "Little Buddy" is just as handy as any little buddy you could ever have. Made with the same quality materials as all our other products and will last for years. This simple leather game strap design is made to go with you anywhere you need a leather duck tote after the hunt. We put a 1" hand strap with a brass snap so you can hang it just about anywhere you are hunting. Small enough to fit in most any blind bag for a compact fit. The "Little Buddy" comes with six holders and is strong enough to hold as many ducks as you can cary. This is one of the best leather game carriers available today.