Flight Mallard Combo + EZ Rig + Timber Tote

Flight Mallard Combo + EZ Rig + Timber Tote

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The quintessential Mallard decoy is arguably the backbone of the duck spread; a critically important foundation that can formulate fantastic fortune in the field.

Our passion for your success took us through an exceptional process with extraordinary professionals and we are pleased to bring you the industry’s most versatile mallard decoy Combo pack, featuring exclusively effective postures. Flight Mallard decoys feature elaborate carvings by Michael Braun with fantastic feather detail, as well as our time-tested weighted keel. The ultra-realistic paint schemes bring these dandy decoys to life, drawing the birds in from afar and convincing them your spread is where they need to be. Available in packs of one dozen decoys, Tanglefree's Fight Mallard Combo Pack includes eight phenomenal painted-head Drakes and four Hens showing off incredible true-to-life Looker, Upright, Skimmer, Rester, and Relaxed poses. Mix and match Tanglefree’s Flight Mallard Active Packs with our Flight and Flight Flocked Rester and Skimmer Packs and Combo Packs to create a custom spread that best suit your needs!


The EZ Rig System is a time efficient Texas style decoy weight system with a few Tanglefree advantages. The black mono line has the proper amount a thickness for comfortable throwing grip but stiff enough to prevent line knotting in a bundle of decoys. Both the swivel and crimps have strength ratings that well exceed the ability to hammer toss a Canada Goose decoy across a pond. Finally the weights are molded after our original anchors to ensure “Tanglefree” deployment right out of the decoy bag. This is a game changer that will save you valuable time and energy in the field.


The "Timber Tote" is a very durable leather duck tote with a wide shoulder strap contoured to fit comfortably on your shoulder during your wade out of your timber hunt. This leather duck strap has two detachable hangers with six loops each. It also comes with a 1" wide looped handle for easy carry or hanging on your tree step. Equiped with a 1" solid brass snap for extra options in hanging. As with all of our products we used solid brass, stainless steel, and solid copper hardward for a lifetime of service under harsh conditions. This is one of the best leather game carriers available today.