Tanglefree 6 oz EZ Rig System

Tanglefree 6 oz EZ Rig System

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The EZ Rig System is a time efficient Texas style decoy weight system with a few Tanglefree advantages. The black mono line has the proper amount a thickness for comfortable throwing grip but stiff enough to prevent line knotting in a bundle of decoys. Both the swivel and crimps have strength ratings that well exceed the ability to hammer toss a Canada Goose decoy across a pond. Finally the weights are molded after our original anchors to ensure “Tanglefree” deployment right out of the decoy bag. This is a game changer that will save you valuable time and energy in the field.


  • 48" (Total Length)
  • 6oz
  • 12 Rigs per pack
  • Heavy duty swivel
  • Tough monofilament line
  • Over-sized Carabiner