Tanglefree Canada Goose Slammer Sock / 2D Head (12 Pack)

Tanglefree Canada Goose Slammer Sock / 2D Head (12 Pack)

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Slammer Socks are made of durable Tyvek® material, back supports in stainless steel, lightweight fiberglass rods, Spring clips and can be used in any weather condition. While being transported between hunts, a bundle of about 150 Slammer Decoys will take less space than a single 6-slot goose bag filled with full-body Canada Goose decoys. Aside from realism and effortless wind motion in the field, Tanglefree now offers zippered Slammer Sock bags that provide easier use in the field and off-season protection. With 5 different Slammer Sock goose species, not including the economically priced headless Slammer Socks, there is a sock available that will allow you to fool one of the most difficult birds to decoy.

  • 28” fiberglass rod
  • 21.5” x 13” Tyvek sock
  • Stainless steel back support
  • Compression Clips
  • 2D Flocked Heads Included
  • 12 pack (8 Feeders & 4 Uprights per dozen)